The Patient Clinic

The Patient Clinic is a patient health record (PHR) portal that features lab reporting, medication review, and much more. The Patient Clinic is now generally available to BC patients. It runs as a portal application in a browser; available as a free software subscription. Because it is software as a service (SaaS) it requires zero installation and zero maintenance. Users appreciate The Patient Clinic's desktop-like look & feel which enable patients to put it to immediate use. The Patient Clinic is integrated with The Doctor Clinic, an electronic medical record application used by physicians.

The Patient Clinic runs on a standard web-browser — users require no more than an authorized account, a PC (your choice of Windows®, Macintosh® or Linux®) and a broadband connection. No application software installation or upgrades are required. Elliott Meditech's servers host the The Patient Clinic application and store your patient data in an anonymized format. Data transmission between elliott and your browser is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption.

And The Patient Clinic is integrated with The Doctor Clinic the intelligent choice for busy practices seeking an affordable enterprise-class data management solution. For more information, contact Elliott Meditech.

Ajax-powered UI

The Patient Clinic version 4 features an Ajax-powered user-interface (UI) to enhance its ease-of-use. Users agree that The Patient Clinic's look & feel rival the best desktop applications.

Reliable, Scalable, Proven Technologies

Authorized users, via a browser and secure socket layer (256-bit SSL) encryption, can connect from home, or elsewhere, to the data centre where The Patient Clinic runs on Linux®-based 64-bit AMD Athlon® servers. Servers operate in master-slave pairs providing data mirroring and operational failover to deliver enterprise-class data availability. And naturally, scheduled data backups are provided, including secure offsite storage. The Patient Clinic is based upon The Doctor Clinic which has been proven in production use since 2004 at Vancouver Hospital, Division of Endocrinology.


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