The Doctor Clinic

The Doctor Clinic is an electronic medical record (EMR) system that offers appointment scheduling, patient charting, lab result management and MSP billing. The Doctor Clinic version 4 is scheduled for release later this year. For the first time in the Canadian EMR marketplace, The Doctor Clinic offers an integrated patient health record portal, The Patient Clinic. The portal implements PHR including lab reporting, medication review and much more tighly integrated with The Doctor Clinic.


  • secure access by authorized users over any high-speed cable connection simply using a browser
  • a secure patient portal web-interface giving patients direct access to lab results, current medication, and much more
  • easy-to-use client charting and practice management modules:
    • dashboard
    • scheduling
    • electronic lab result imports & reconcilliation
    • SOAP
    • scanned document storage
    • lab & diagnostic imaging requisitions
    • medications charting & prescriptions
    • letter templates and editors: general, referral, special authority
    • PDF document output for all letters, requisitions and reports
    • MSP billing exports and imports for use with Teleplan
    • and more...
  • SaaS — Software as a service delivered as an enterprise-class EMR solution hosted at our co-located data centre facilities providing 24x7x365 security and reliability by utilizing redundant application servers, redundant network connectivity, redundant power supplies as and managed data backups
  • zero installation and zero maintenance
  • user training & support
  • optionally offers data migration services
  • competitively priced alternative to PITO approved suppliers.

Ajax-powered UI

The Doctor Clinic version 4 features an Ajax-powered user-interface (UI) to enhance its ease-of-use. Users agree that The Doctor Clinic's look & feel rival the best desktop applications.

Reliable, Scalable, Proven Technologies

The Doctor Clinic helps physicians and paramedical providers transform their practices' information management by moving it into a full featured data centre. Authorized users, via a browser and secure socket layer (256-bit SSL) encryption, can connect from their offices to the data centre where The Doctor Clinic runs on Linux™-based 64-bit AMD Athlon™ servers. Servers operate in master-slave pairs providing data mirroring and operational failover to deliver enterprise-class data availability. And naturally, scheduled data backups are provided, including secure offsite storage. The Doctor Clinic can scale from the needs of an independent practitioner to the needs of an entire clinic. It has been proven in production use since 2004 at Vancouver Hospital, Division of Endocrinology.

Screenshots (v4.b2)

The Doctor Clinic: Clinic Schedule view
Clinic Schedule view

The Doctor Clinic: Patient Encounter view
Patient Encounter view

The Doctor Clinic: Lab Results view
Lab Results view

The Doctor Clinic: Medications view
Medications view

Screenshots (v4.b3)

The Doctor Clinic: Patient record (contact tab)
Patient record (contact tab)

The Doctor Clinic: Patient record (key tab)
Patient record (key tab)

The Doctor Clinic: Staff key record view
Staff key record view